Swimming through Summer


Summer is definitely my very favorite time of year. Sunflowers, warm days, BBQ and watermelon all make me happy…and when I’m happy, I paint! This colorful little turtle was first painted, then photographed, and then colored with filters and reminds me to swim – through my doubts, through my days and right back into…my happy place!

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The Grounding Tree

Today feels like a good day to create a moment and just stop, take a really deep breath…in, hold, and out. Even that one breath can help me remember that I have a body that breathes! I like to use this image to feel my connection to my favorite tree and then to feel my connection go from my feet and down, deep into the Earth. I can feel the strength of the Earth come back up to me – all the way to the top of my head and I feel –for that moment – connected and centered.

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