Fast Forward to Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to feeling in to the relief of my gratitude this year!

It’s a strange thing, but since I’ve been getting up (really) early and driving to see the sunrise on the horizon, I find myself feeling appreciation more easily these days. It’s as if watching the new light of day helps me ease into a feeling of hope and optimism – once I’ve had enough coffee, of course!

Sending out wishes for a good meal with great people…in gratitude and hope, Anne

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Swimming through Summer


Summer is definitely my very favorite time of year. Sunflowers, warm days, BBQ and watermelon all make me happy…and when I’m happy, I paint! This colorful little turtle was first painted, then photographed, and then colored with filters and reminds me to swim – through my doubts, through my days and right back into…my happy place!

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