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Painting + Healing = Transformation!


Making Art with Intentional Creativity™️

Intentional Creativity™️ means creating with purpose. It has a rich cultural history, and for me it means to paint while feeling into the purpose of what I want. It is a powerful combination of the energy work that I’ve been doing for so long and the joy I get from moving brush and color over the canvas. I love this process so much that last year I completed a 9-month training program so that I could teach it!
The ‘film strip’ below was taken from one of my classes last summer. Each part of the painting is guided and there is plenty of permission for mistakes and just feeling the joy of the paint.

I truly had no idea that I could learn to paint so easily!
For this painting, we also incorporated dance in-between each phase of the painting. I love to dance. After warming up, we painted our intention right onto our big canvas. We then went on a meditative vision quest and spent some time writing our impressions and ideas in our journals before painting the next layer. Sometimes I wasn’t even sure what would be coming – and in that way, felt like an explorer on my own inner landscape.
Over the next several days, we laughed and followed-along, adding in colors and textures. It’s amazing to me that out of so many women painting together, each of our portraits were uniquely us. In the end…a transformation…of ourselves and our connection with our own creativity that felt really satisfying and just a little…magical.
“Dawnika” by Anne LaBrie ©2019

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