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Painting + Healing = Transformation!


What is Energy Healing? 
Have you ever noticed that after you clear out a drawer, closet or garage, the space feels cleaner, lighter and brighter?
The same goes for your own “body-space”.  Old emotions and physical pains can stay with you even after the cause goes away.  Over time, your body feels cluttered, too.
Energy healing is a gentle hands-on energy balancing technique that helps clear the clutter in the electro-magnetic field of your body and leaves you feeling lighter and brighter.
Brennan Healing Science
This takes energy healing to a whole new level – well seven levels, actually!  It was developed by Barbara Brennan, a former NASA physicist, who first combined her scientific background with her ability to see seven different levels of the human energy field – or aura.
I love this method in particular, because it is very precise in pinpointing trouble areas and it combines the aura energy balancing with the psychological and emotional aspects of the healing process.
One of the more amazing aspects of this type of healing is the ability to give and receive it over long distances. In this time, we are all living through a global pandemic, and it is truly awesome that we can give and receive this kind of emotional and energetic support! I am now offering three types of sessions: Energy Healing (over Video); Transformational Painting (over Video), and a combination of the two called “Canvas to Table”, where we start with a creative/painting session and then move to an energy healing session.
It’s a whole new world and I’m here to help. Just email me with any questions and we’ll take it from there.!

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