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Painting + Healing = Transformation!
                   Welcome….to ART.Healing.LIFE!
My name is Anne LaBrie and my passion is transformation! My favorite tools are my pendulum and my paintbrush. I use a combination of energy healing and intentional creativity™️ to guide you on your journey and along the way, teach you how to do the same thing. So many of us grew up thinking that we were not creative – or at least I did. Through journaling, visioning and experimenting with paint, I will guide you step-by-step to your own inner knowing and help you to create abstracted and meaningful paintings that will touch your soul.
During your sessions we’ll have a chance to work together to clear out and shift old doubts, worries and fears. I use energy healing as a method to help you navigate and transform that old energy into a new way of being. You will come away with both a way to access your inner wisdom, and practical techniques to navigate your emotions and eventually…your whole life!
Anne guided me & helped me shift my artistic doubts. After our VIP day, I felt a renewed sense of accomplishment and more confidence in my ability to create from my heart. I also came away with techniques to continue my journey and access my Inner Wisdom!


Your journey with me goes at the pace you need. We can work together in several different ways: private video Healing sessions, private video Transformation sessions (that include painting) or Intentional Creativity™️ group classes. I am also in the process of creating pre-recorded Intentional Creativity™️ Classes that you can follow the process along with me and with your own timing.
If this idea calls to you and you’re ready to start (or just want to ask me questions), contact me for more details.
In the light and through the paint,