From Dreams to Art Business!

Ten years ago, I was feeling really frustrated that I couldn’t seem to draw the dream images that came to me! I went to on vacation and discovered a book (that had been on my shelf for a long time “Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards.  In the book, she shared that it was not that I couldn’t draw, it was that I needed to learn to see!  When I was actually able to draw my tennis shoe and have it look like a tennis shoe, I was hooked. It gave me the confidence to take my first art class. From that moment on, I began a path of learning and discovery of how to combine my interests with my creativity. From that place also, I re-discovered my love of photography and created a new form of abstract art generated from the new phones and filters. A friend of mine (you know who you are) showed me how to print this amazing artwork on metal for a truly contemporary look. (For real-life examples, go to my website:   I’ve shown my unique digital photography, and explored drawing and painting. It has been quite the journey – both in learning the specific techniques and in learning how to exhibit and share my artwork!




I also began to experiment with combining my love of energy healing and general ‘high vibrations’ with paint and created my own way of combining my personal intention with the paint. I would paint words of intention on the first layer and ‘hide’ words of affirmation in the top layer!







This year, I am very excited to announce that I’ve learned a new way to create that builds on some of my earlier experiments and the resulting paintings are even more amazing!

Intentional Creativity™️ is a specific method for combining intention, visualization, journaling…and paint!

This process creates, not only works of art, but a deeply personal connection to one’s inner landscape.

It is a bridge from the subconscious to the conscious self and a landing pad for thoughts, feelings and ideas that is SO satisfying and unique to each person.


Note: This image above was taken from one of the underpainting layers of “Dawnika”, which was painted in June 2019. It shows her younger self entering the ‘portal of discovery’!





After many days of journaling, and playing with the paint – with the help of my teacher’s step-by-step process, I finished the final painting.


Her name is Dawnika and it means …bringing the dawn – which has a special (and for now secret) meaning for me!